Silicone Flexible 14-Ice Cube Trays set with Spill-Resistant stackable ice tray with covers removable lid ice cube maker for cocktail freezer includin

IID: 00042099
80 .00 AED
32 .00 AED
VAT Included



Crafted with precision and designed for convenience, this ice cube tray allows you to create perfectly molds that not only look elegant but also melt slowly, keeping drinks cold for longer. The unique design of our ice molds features individual compartments, making it easy to fill and preventing spilling or leaking. The flexible silicone construction allows for effortless cool cube release, eliminating the frustration of struggling to remove cubes from traditional plastic trays. These kitchen essentials for a new apartment are not only ideal for cocktails and mixed drinks, but they also add a touch of elegance to any beverage. Our square Ice set is not limited to just freezing water. Get creative and experiment with freezing juices, coffee, tea, or even herbs to add an extra burst of flavour to your drinks. The possibilities of an Ice pops tray are endless, and the results are sure to elevate your beverage experience. The compact size of the ice machine also ensures easy storage in your freezer, taking up minimal space while maximising ice cube production. With our silicone cool cube trays for freezer functionality, durability, and versatility, the ice-maker tray is an essential tool to have in your kitchen and in your home bar, ensuring you are always prepared to enjoy refreshing beverages or add a cool touch to your culinary creations.


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